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Other Webcomics

Penny Arcade - This is the ultimate webcomic. In my mind it gets no better than this. It's the funniest, most well-written and well-drawn webcomic ever, and if you don't like it then you are clearly some inhuman monster who eats poop for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

PvP - While it's not as good as Penny Arcade (nothing is), it's definitely one of the best webcomics out there. With its daily updates, hand-drawn look and color Sunday strips, PvP should be popping up in newspapers soon (or at least it would be if there were any justice in the world).

Elftor - This is a very bizarre comic strip, and I really doubt that it would appeal to everyone. But if you have a somewhat off-kilter sensibility then this may just be the webcomic for you.

Lick my Jesus - I think the title says it all. This comic is so strange it makes Elftor look like Garfield. But it's funny, and that's all that really matters.

DOTT-related sites

LucasArts Company Store - Click here to buy Day of the Tentacle (on the odd chance that you actually don't have it). Remember, if you download DOTT without buying it, evil monkeys will come to your house at night, tear your eyeballs out, and throw them at you. You've been warned.

IMDb - If you want to find out what the actors from DOTT have been up to lately, this is the place to go. The answer? Not too much. Too bad.

DOTTcom - This has the honor of being the only webpage exclusively devoted to DOTT (and its prequel, Maniac Mansion). Or at least, it's the only one I know of.

Other Stuff

This strip... In Italian - That's right. Click here if you want to see an Italian version of this strip, translated by Luca Romanelli.

Reel Film Reviews - As the name implies, this is a movie reviews site, with hundreds of well-written reviews.

AstroNerdBoy's Comic Strips - A pretty comprehensive list of online comic strips. It includes listings of syndicated comic strips and web-only comic strips.

Link to me

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