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Serious like a heart attack - March 3, 2005
Hilarity at its finest
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Huey Lewis and the...
Regular visitors to this site (all two of you) will notice that I replaced the Star Wars button on the left with a Star Trek button. As you've probably heard, Star Trek: Enterprise has been canceled, and won't be coming back next season. That's where Trek United comes in: their wacky plan involves raising thirty-six million dollars to fund the next season of Enterprise. Crazy? Definitely. But maybe just crazy enough to work -- they've already raised over three million, thanks largely to a couple of anonymous donors. So basically, if you like Enterprise at all, head on over there and give them a few bucks. Who knows, maybe we can actually save the show.

And yes, I know: I replaced a "Save Star Wars" button with a "Save Star Trek" button. I'm a nerd.

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