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The Freshmaker - June 19, 2006
Hilarity at its finest
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Huey Lewis and the...
Just when you were least expecting it... WHAMMO, a new comic. Enjoy. On a related note, you'll notice that the Star Wars button is still sitting there to the right, despite the announcement that the real original Star Wars Trilogy is finally coming to DVD. Well, you've probably heard by now that the transfers are going to be unrestored, from the 1993 Laserdiscs, and they're non-anamorphic. So basically, another kick in the pants courtesy of your pal and mine, George Lucas. I don't think anyone has shown such blatant and utter disdain for their fans since Shannon Hoon peed on the audience at a Blind Melon concert. So I'm keeping that button there, for now at least.

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